Learner Journey to CSCS Card

The CSCS card is a must for every site worker and one of the most popular courses on offer at Canary Wharf Learning Centre. Below we detail the journey of learner from enquiry to getting their CSCS card. Contact us for more information or to book  your spot on the course. 

Learner journey

Learner or Employer enquires via Website or Telephone regarding the product you need.

CWLC will communicate with you to ensure that the service you require is appropriate to you and that we offer that product.
A member of CWLC team will arrange to meet with you and undertake an initial assessment, an induction and agree an assessment / training plan which will be adapted to your needs and requirements.
Our funding partners will often decide to contact you to ensure that you are appropriately engaged with the correct product and to ensure you are eligible.

Training and / or Assessment commences.  This will be in the workplace in the case of NVQ assessment, or within an appropriate training environment, if the product is a training product.

Quality Assurance.  During delivery and upon completing with CWLC, your Course or Qualification will be subject to Quality Assurance.  This ensures that you have enjoyed your journey with us and that you have achieved in a correct and timely manner.  In all instances, your needs will come first to the team at CWLC.

Accreditation and Certification.  The end result will usually produce a certificate of training and testing undertaken, or of an NVQ Certificate, in the case of “on site assessment” carried out.

Upon completion and certification, you may be required to undertake a Health, Safety and Environment Test.  CWLC will support you in this matter.

CSCS, CPCS cards, or Job Card applied for:  CWLC will guide you in your application for any appropriate card schemes, where a card is required or earned by you.

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