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Gain the Skills to Work in the Reinforced Concrete Industry in Canary Wharf, London

Devised, designed, and led by the industry, the reinforced concrete training programme is suited to the field’s normal working practices and aims to bridge the skills gap. Rullion™ has the industry background and knowledge to deliver a tailored programme that suits the industry it specialises in. Lambeth College has partnered with Rullion and CWLC to deliver the training facility and drawdown training funding through its commitment to delivering modern methods of construction training. Canary Wharf Learning Centre, London, will deliver the training and on-site assessments to NVQ Level 2 standard.

A Rewarding Course

Once they have become qualified tradespeople, candidates will have the opportunity to earn good wages and have a long career in the construction industry, with real development opportunities. The larger CONSTRUCT member contractors have all given support to this scheme, and will employ the candidates after training is done.

Course Details

The two-week (10-day) site orientation will be held at Lambeth College’s Vauxhall™ Centre, situated just off Wandsworth Road. The facility will also be incorporated into the new Vauxhall Exchange programme for the site in 2018. Candidates will be taught the safe erecting and striking of column, wall, and decking falsework. In addition, we will have a Slipform™ rig that will be built and struck during the course.

Suitable Candidates

The candidates granted access to this course are carefully selected following a strict and meticulous vetting and assessment process. Eligible candidates include:

Existing Construction Workers Who Are Looking to Progress in the Industry with a Recognised Qualification


  • Ex-Services Personnel Supplied through Approved MOD Agencies


  • Ex-Offenders from Recognised Rehabilitation Scheme


  • Ex-Hospitality and Service Sector Workers – People Who Are Used to Working Long, Unsociable Hours and Generally Have a Good Work Ethic


  • College Graduates


  • School Leavers (18 Years Old)

Equipped and Prepared

Following the successful completion of the two-week site orientation course, the candidate will be prepared to work onsite. They will have the following:


  • A CSCS Trainee Card
  • An NVQ 1 Qualification (NOCN)
  • Health and Safety Awareness and an Understanding of Its Importance
  • MEWP Training (IPAF Options)
  • Basic Falsework and Slipform Erecting and Striking Knowledge
  • Five Valuable Site Safety Tickets for Hot Works, Abrasive Wheel, Confined Spaces, Manual Handling, and Harness Awareness

After the Programme

Your training does not have to be finished after you complete our programme. To keep improving your skills, we recommend enrolling on an NVQ 2 programme, which includes on-site assessment training from CWLC assessors. On the successful completion of required modules carried out by us over the next six to 12 months, you will receive a number of NVQ 2 NOCN qualifications.

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